May 1, 2023

Announcing the Sounder Audio Insights Dashboard!

We’ve been working closely with our publisher, technology and agency partners - to deeply understand their processes and workflows so we can build the best tooling possible. While many of them already leverage our signature Brand Safety, Brand Suitability and Contextual Targeting solutions, now they can access these deep, nuanced insights and opportunities in one convenient dashboard.

Explore podcast brand suitability and contextual targeting data with Sounder Audio Insights
Dive into a show to evaluate suitability and contextual fit and learn more about its episodes
Interact with the transcript of a podcast episode to learn more about the context of Sounder Data

This release synthesizes Sounder’s solutions across brand safety, brand suitability, contextual targeting, named entity classifications, network monitoring and inventory discovery into a singular interface to make insights readily available. Sounder’s technology, powered by advanced AI and ML models, provides nuanced show- and episode-level insights. Rather than keyword-based technology, Sounder’s contextual solutions surface not only if a keyword is being said, but in what context and whether they are used in a risky or sensitive matter.

This technology ensures that desirable, relevant ad inventory is not inadvertently excluded. Plus, users of Audio Insights can easily integrate the content into their existing media planning workflows through new integrations and use of Sounder’s API. For a deeper explanation of the technology that powers our solutions, check out our article on our purpose-built solutions for advertisers.

Ready to try Sounder Audio Insights?

To celebrate this launch, we’re expanding our pilot program to additional agencies and publishers. If you’d like to try these tools and see how they can change your monetization potential, ease and efficiency of media buying, and build trust and credibility for your brand, reach out to us at

Team Sounder
The Sounder Team

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