April 21, 2022

SpokenLayer: Partner Testimonial — How Sounder’s Data Has Strengthened Advertiser Relationships with Accurate Brand Safety & Suitability Tools

At SpokenLayer, we are pioneering the short-form audio landscape as a full-service content studio specializing in creation, production, digital distribution, and monetization. We’ve created over 320K pieces of short-form audio to date for both brands and publishers.

One of the main pillars of our business is our Publisher Network. We work with over 50 different premium publishers on a daily basis to create content that aligns with their brand and audience. From there, we work with advertisers on sponsorship opportunities across our entire network through pre- and post-roll audio spots.

Because we create all of this content in-house – from scriptwriting to production – we’ve always made it clear to advertisers that our content is brand safe. And for the most part, that’s always been the case, but as our network continues to grow and optimize for monetization opportunities, enlisting an automated brand safety tool has allowed us to provide an extra layer of verification for even more peace of mind. This added transparency enables us to promise brand safety at the IAB and GARM level, which has been a key piece of our sales narrative since the partnership launched.

Integrating the Sounder API was seamless and the data available in their content dashboard has been extremely helpful for both brand safety and content analysis purposes.

One of the specific reasons we decided to move forward with this partnership was because the current solutions in the market are built purely upon keyword identification and targeting.

Because keywords lack context, this often proves to be ineffective and error-prone which ultimately negatively impacts our available inventory for advertisers.

Sounder’s capabilities go beyond keyword search and offer a better understanding of the full conversations happening on our network. Now, we’re able to offer advertisers the opportunity to have a presence in contextual categories that in the past may have made them nervous –  such as news – while still feeling confident that their brand will only be aired alongside content that adheres to both theirs and the industry’s brand safety guidelines.

Our advertiser partners have already expressed appreciation for the additional level of transparency around brand safety that we’ve been able to provide through our partnership with Sounder. We’re excited to see how this partnership continues to strengthen our go-to-market strategy and narrative in the industry.

Team Sounder
The Sounder Team

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